Articles at One Voice

Vatican II

One Voice is the Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham.
The following articles were published in One Voice for the Year of Faith.

The theme was “Vatican II and the Year of Faith.”

How Vatican II Made Me a Catholic
Purgatory and the Second Vatican Council
War in Syria
The Key to Happiness
One Week; Two Anniversaries
Insights from Lumen Fidei
Doma Decision
Marriage and Priesthood
Jesus and the Kingdom of God
Baptism and Christian Unity
Insights from the Gay Marriage Debate in France
What difference do the sacraments make
Pentecost and Confirmation
Liturgy or Scripture
Not by Faith Alone
My Favorite Question about Catholicism
What difference does faith make
My First Confession
Witnessing to the Resurrection
Pope Francis and the Gospel
What My Four Year Old Can Teach about Penance
On Music, Coffee, and the Catholic Faith
The Joy of Lent and the Life of Prayer
Why Faith
The Afterlife
The Catholic Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Why Get Married
Catholic Faith and the Spiritual Life
An Unexpected Use for Plastic Santas
How I Overcame My Fear of Mary
Why Advent Makes You a Missionary
How the Mass Can Change Your Life
Vatican II and Gay Marriage
Vatican II and the Gospel
Vatican II and the Catechism
Removing Barriers to Christian Unity
Scripture in the Life of Faith
Scripture and Tradition
The Second Vatican Council and the Year of Faith