How the Catholic Church Saved My Marriage

New Book from Dr. David Anders

How the Catholic Church Saved My Marriage

"The Catholic Church saved my marriage and, quite possibly, my life." So begins David Anders in this remarkably forthright book. In it, David reports that by the early 2000s, his marriage was so painful that he and his wife had just one thing in common: contempt for each other. Today, he and his wife are extremely happy together not because of marriage therapy, but because they came to know and fully embraced the Catholic Church s teachings on marriage. Press Release..

About Dr. Anders

I am a Catholic catechist, speaker, and writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. I also host the EWTN Radio Program Called to Communion.  I grew up in the Presbyterian Church (PCA) and attended a Protestant college and seminary. During my Ph.D. studies in Reformation History, I became persuaded of the truth of the Catholic Faith. (Read about it here.) I entered the Church in 2003, along with my wonderful wife, Jill, and my (now) five children. I speak at conferences, parishes, debates, and other venues.
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