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About Dr. Anders

I am a Catholic catechist, speaker, and writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. I also host the EWTN Radio Program Called to Communion.  I grew up in the Presbyterian Church (PCA) and attended a Protestant college and seminary. During my Ph.D. studies in Reformation History, I became persuaded of the truth of the Catholic Faith. (Read about it here.) I entered the Church in 2003, along with my wonderful wife, Jill, and my (now) five children. I speak at conferences, parishes, debates, and other venues.
If you would like me to speak to your group, please contact me at calvin2catholic@gmail.com.

If you have a question about Catholic faith or life, please send it to ctc@ewtn.com. I will try to answer it on the air.  I regret that I can no longer answer theology questions directly by email.


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